“Upon meeting Barbara Rimorin for the first time during her Certified Dementia Practitioners Training, I was drawn to her passion and knowledge in the field of Young Living Essential oils. Barbara was able to thoroughly answer all of my questions about the pure oils she was diffusing, and went above and beyond to give me tools and resources to better understand their benefits. I look forward to enjoying more about Young Living Essential oils and products.”

Valarie Alverez
The Oaks at Denville, NJ

“I have had the privilege of working with Barbara for the past few years. Barbara is highly educated and informed about several areas, one being in Young Living Essential Oils. Barbara first introduced them to me and my Family and has helped me understand pure grade A Young Living Essential Oils and Products and how I can use them in my everday life!!

As a student in Barbara’s Alzheimer’s Dementia and Dementia Care Seminar Training, I had the opportunity to smell different Young Living essential oil blends and see different diffusers during the training. I went on to purchase a diffuser and Young Living Essential Oils for myself and Family and have never looked back! Young Living Essential Oils have become part of my daily living. Thanks to Barbara’s introduction to the Oils and her wealth of knowledge!”

Kristin Difidi Williams, Director
Residents Live, Denville, NJ

“I am a nurse by training and a holistic health educator by choice. I teach certifications for both nurses and lay people in the use of essential oils and other holistic modalities. Barbara Rimorin and I first met in 2006. Our working relationship began almost immediately. She appeared and still does, to be earnest in her desire to always be helpful and most importantly loves learning. Ms. Rimorin consistently is unafraid to ask questions if she does not understand something. In our work together I know she will follow through well.

Ms. Rimorin cares to do her very best consistently, takes constructive criticism well and learns from it. Her compassion and kindness is demonstrated in her working with others. I can easily suggest she is someone anyone would want on their team.”

Nancy Weber, RN